The Value of Mentoring

Ensuring Your Success

We take your decision to choose us as your medical school very seriously and we believe it is our job to do everything we can to ensure your success and your well-being — from tutoring services to personal counseling to one-of-a-kind mentoring opportunities.

For medical students, having a physician who serves as a mentor may be one of the most valuable resources on the path to becoming a doctor. The College of Medicine recognizes the importance of mentoring for its students and provides ample opportunities for building relationships between faculty and students. Since 1994, the College of Medicine’s Advisor/Mentor Program has paired first-year medical students with a faculty member who can offer insight, encouragement and discipline-specific learning opportunities. To this end, during the first semester orientation, students are asked to identify three clinical specialties that interest them. This information is then used to pair the student with a specialist in one of the areas that they have indicated.

Students who have already mapped their career paths can use the program to further explore and confirm their interests. For those considering their options, early exposure to a specialty can help identify whether it’s a good fit.

"The faculty at the College of Medicine are welcoming and very willing to work with medical students. I have been interested in pursuing research projects throughout medical school, and I appreciate the support I have received from faculty who are willing to have a student assist them with their research. I am grateful for the responsibilities they entrust to me. It is truly a growth experience."

Student Counseling

Whether trying to cope with the transition of medical school as a first-year student or grappling with the decision of which medical specialty to pursue during your fourth year, medical school can cause some stressful days. The College of Medicine Office of Student Counseling and Development understands the anxiety and stress that many students face. Trained physicians and psychologists are available to provide personal counseling, workshops and stress management classes and help with residency decision-making and interviewing.

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