Welcome Applicants to the Class of 2027!

The Admissions Welcoming Committee (AWC) is dedicated to providing the same warm and inviting atmosphere to prospective students, alumni, and visitors as we do our friends here in the Gator nation. Through collaborative efforts and teamwork, the AWC aims to enrich the community of the University of Florida College of Medicine by supporting and enhancing the establishment of student connections. AWC welcomes the leadership and diversity of backgrounds, interests, experiences, and ideas of its members, which is essential for showcasing the aspects of the University of Florida College of Medicine that allow this community to flourish. With this in mind, AWC provides a platform for students to share their medical school experience, as well as what it means to be a Gator Doc, to all those who may find themselves in the Swamp.

As your big day approaches, we along with the rest of the committee would like to welcome you wholeheartedly. Congratulations on all you have accomplished thus far, now please allow us to show and share with you our UFCOM family.

~ Taeya, Mohammed, Claire, and Aliya

Taeya Mayes

Taeya Mayes
Taeya Mayes taeya.mayes@ufl.edu

Hello! My name is Taeya Mayes, and I am from Bronson, Florida. I went to the University of Florida and graduated in 2022 with a degree in Biology and a minor in Health Disparities. I spent the summer before medical school relaxing, enjoying my loved ones, creating content, and working! While I don’t have time to work anymore, I am still able to prioritize hanging out with friends and enjoying life while in medical school. I am currently undecided on a specialty, but I am interested in OBGYN and surgery!

After I realized that medicine was right for me, I knew I wanted to attend UFCOM.  UF was my very first interview, and I found myself comparing every school to the amazing atmosphere that UF exuded during my interview! The students and faculty were so welcoming and supportive, and that ultimately helped me make my decision. To this day, I am so happy that I chose UFCOM and I can’t wait to share my love of UF and Gainesville on your interview day!

Undergrad: University of Florida

Mohammed Mumtaz

Mohammed Mumtaz
Mohammed Mumtaz mmumtaz@ufl.edu

Hey everyone! My name is Mohammed Mumtaz, and I am a current first year here at UFCOM. I was born and raised in Little Rock, Arkansas, the greatest small city in America. I then attended Johns Hopkins University, where I concentrated in Islamic Studies, while minoring in Economics and taking my premed requirements. I explored so many careers in college but kept coming back to medicine. When I honestly considered what job would provide the best mix of fulfillment, challenges, and meaning to my life every day, I decided to start my path to become a physician. In my free time, I love playing every sport that there is. In college, I played ultimate frisbee with our club team and play pickup and in leagues here in Gainesville nowadays. Here with my classmates, I play basketball, tennis, pickleball, and flag football. My mind is all over the place on any given day, so I’m still incredibly undecided on a specialty, though I know it’s got to be something surgical for sure.

As Taeya, Aliya, and Claire have said, I can’t say enough good things about my interview experience with UFCOM. They really care about every single detail that can attract top-notch students and people such as yourselves to put it at the top of their lists. That care and support is distinct every day here, from my fellow classmates to upperclassmen to teachers and faculty. Similarly, I’m here and available for all of y’all, and can’t wait for you guys to say the same!

Undergrad: Johns Hopkins University

Claire Overholt

Claire Overholt
Claire Overholt claire.overholt@ufl.edu

Hi everyone!! My name is Claire Overholt and I’m from Tallahassee, Florida. I’m so excited to welcome you all to UF COM! I attended UF for undergrad and graduated in May 2021 with my BS in Microbiology and Cell Science. I took a gap year to work as a medical assistant which gave me so much insight into the type of physician I hope to be. I’m still undecided on the specialty I’ll be pursuing but I’ve loved the process of exploring different ones during my first year at UF!

UF was one of my top choices going into the application cycle and that feeling was cemented for me during my interview. Each interaction I had with UF COM from Swamp Social to Interview Day to First Look made me feel more at home here. The sense of community was immediately evident and everyone I spoke with was incredibly encouraging, welcoming, and kind. I’m so happy with the decision I made to attend UF COM and couldn’t imagine being anywhere else! I’m looking forward to meeting all of you and sharing more about why I love UF COM! Go Gators!!

Undergrad: University of Florida

Aliya Redd

Aliya Redd
Aliya Redd

Hey everyone! My name is Aliya Redd and I am a first year here at UFCOM! I have absolutely loved my experience so far at UFCOM and I can’t wait to help you all find a home here. A little bit about me is that I am originally from outside of Baltimore, Maryland and I went to the University of Miami for undergraduate. I graduated in 2022 with a degree in Biochemistry and Nutrition and minors in chemistry and psychology. I enjoy being active, as I was a figure skater for 11 years and also danced in high school. I was exposed to medicine from a young age because my mom was a doctor and throughout my experiences in high school and college, I strengthened my desire to pursue medicine.  Currently, I am interested in pediatrics, so I have been finding different ways to explore my passion.

UFCOM was my first interview and even though I was so nervous, the students and staff calmed my nerves. The warmth and kindness that everyone showed to me during the interview day and first look was something I thought about constantly and ultimately made me choose UF. As I have been here at UF, I have learned more and more about the school that makes me even more grateful to be here! Go gators! 

Undergrad: University of Miami

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