Nicole Nicophene

Nicole Nicophene


At 8 months old, Nicole Nicophene left her home in Miami for Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

The decision to send her there to live with her aunt was a difficult one for Nicole’s mother, Esther. But it was only temporary. Nicole would come back when her mother could begin her new career as a medical assistant.

Nicole returned to her family in the United States with a special fascination for the sciences, particularly the human body. In middle school she made the decision to begin the journey of becoming a physician.

It’s obvious that the University of Florida is looking ahead to the next level of medical education. It tells me I made the right choice for my future, and now I can repay their investment in me by helping many more as a practicing physician.

She established a course of action that started with the Tampa Bay Technical High School Academy of Health Professions, and it was her experiences shadowing physicians as a high school student, an undergraduate student at UF and, eventually, as a medical student at the UF College of Medicine that led to her deep desire to pursue a career in family medicine.

“Everyone I have seen in family practice absolutely loves their career and could not see themselves doing anything else,” says Nicole, a member of the UF medical class of 2010. “UF taught me how to talk to patients and how to use the skills I’ve learned to determine their problem and to be a part of the solution to making them feel better.”