Neydric Jean
Class of 2022

JeanNeydric Jean remembers the day he decided on a future as a physician. He was a high school sophomore, visiting his grandmother in the mountains of Haiti, where he was born. He came down with an illness and was in a state of panic until his family tracked down a relative who practiced medicine. He recalls the great feeling of relief he gained from spending time with his cousin, who explained the symptoms he was experiencing. Recently, he’s returned to Haiti for medical missions trips.

“When I got healthy again, I decided I wanted to have that same effect on others, to make the worst day of somebody’s life better,” he says. “Medicine is very different in Haiti. A lot of the time when people get hurt or sick, they’re not able to come to a facility to seek treatment for reasons like lack of transportation or resources. And still, the hospitals and practitioners there are overwhelmed. If I could help chip away at that problem, that would mean a lot to me.”

Fall 2022 Florida Physician cover.

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