Jessica Greer

Jessica Greer


Jessica Greer began her “medical training” somewhat earlier than most.

Her first experience working in a laboratory came at 15 while she was in high school participating in the UF Student Science Training Program. During the rigorous residential summer research program, Jessica tested herbal extracts on different types of bacteria.

“You might say I have been a science dork since way back,” she joked.

I have been conducting research since I was 13 and entered my first science fair — that’s how I knew I wanted to go into medicine.



After high school, she attended UF as an undergraduate student and was a member of the University Scholars program. At this point Jessica’s research activities switched to studying type 1 diabetes with UF’s internationally renowned diabetes expert, Dr. Mark Atkinson. Under the supervision of Dr. Atkinson, Jessica worked on a variety of projects, including eyelet scoring and histology experiments. Currently a medical student at the College of Medicine, Jessica continues working on diabetes research and also volunteers her time for various causes — such as the “Stiletto Walk” to stomp out cancer and the Streetlight Program that assists teens and young adults suffering from chronic illnesses.

Jessica’s passion for medicine was ultimately revealed when a preceptorship with a Gainesville family practice physician left her feeling “refreshed and inspired” after she made her first diagnosis on a patient.

“I decided to pursue a career in medicine so I could combine my passion for science with my interest in helping others,” she said. “UF does a great job using so many different resources to teach us everything we will need to know to do just that.”